The course is suitable for Christians of any age who take the commission of God seriously and who seek for ways to make it practical in order to participate actively in the fulfillment of God’s plan. It was developed for training and mobilization and can be used in different contexts and groups.
God is seeking for people who want to be used by him!
We offer courses throughout Germany. You will find all our current courses on our website, either in presence or online, and you can easily register on our homepage clicking “courses and registration” for your desired course or even contact the responsible person of the course, in case of any questions.
If there is no suitable course offered at the moment, please come back to our website later or subscribe our circular which announces new courses. You would prefer to have “The Unfinished Story” in your hometown and are willing to support us? Please contact us and we will explain to you all further steps.
If you want to participate in “The Unfinished Story”, it will cost 8 Euro per person, including the costs for the material (costs for food vary depending on organizer). Online courses are offered for free. There is the possibility to give donations for the work of Simply Mobilizing.
“The Unfinished Story” consists of 4 units. One unit lasts 2 hours.
Please contact us and we will tell you which possibilities we have. In case you have not yet participated in a course, we highly recommend you to join one.
If you want to offer this course in your surrounding/church, we recommend at least 4 participants.
For 5-7 participants, you will need at least one co-worker.
You can carry out “The Unfinished Story” online or in presence.
The following formats are advisable:
1) 4 evenings within 2 or 4 weeks
2) all 4 units in one day (for example on a Saturday) or a weekend
„The Unfinished Story“ is available in English, Farsi, French, Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Czech, Serbian, Bahasa, Afrikaans and Khmer. Further language translations are in process.
We hope that through attending the course the participants will experience a change in their world view. Therefore it is important that the complete course is studied intensively. The course has many components. The Study Manual is only one of the different modules (see more details in course content). Our experience is that the course as a whole reaches its best impact and should therefore be worked through as a complete unit. The complete study material has international copyrights and it is not allowed to separate single parts of the whole course. For this reason we can only give the Study Manual to participants of the course.
This course doesn’t teach different evangelical methods, but wants to reach Christians who take God’s commission seriously and who seeks for practical ways to participate actively in the fulfilment of God’s plan for the world. It was developed to train and mobilize and can be used in different contexts and groups.